21.03.2021: Released a new version of flyNav which now supports fixed orientations (portrait and landscape)

16.07.17: Apple has released iOS11 beta and finally fixed the bug which leads to fragmented symbols in the navigation map. Please upgrade to iOS11 as soon as Apple releases it.

22.01.16: flyNav 1.33 was released by Apple. The update contains some smaller bug fixes as well as some new features: Changed behaviour of context menu , option to activate/deactivate METAR data for flight logs, inreased Airspace font size added wait indicator for rerendering.

03.12.2015: flyNav 1.31 is released by Apple. It now supports VRPs (visual report points) and a new barometric altimeter which gives you your current flight level using the devices barometric sensor.

14.11.15: flyNav 1.30 will bring some great new features: On-route weather information (based on METAR). Additional offline maps. Nav-aids like VOR, DME and NDB. flyNav 1.30 will be available in about three days.

19.10.15: flyNav 1.13 will bring an improved navigation display. It will support free zooming via pinch & pan. Also it will clip the targets outside the circle for a better overview. Version 1.20 will bring a flight log in PDF-format, direct printable via AirPrint.

13.10.15: flyNav 1.12 released: New airspace analyzer, ultralight airfields colored in green, increased performance, fixed some bugs of the OpenAir parser,...

04.10.15: flyNav 1.0 is now available in the App Store. Please follow this link to buy and download the app: Link to App Store